About anna york

Anna York is a Scotland-based artist born in the Owl Mountains of Poland. Interested in the human condition from an early age she studied for the MA at cultural studies at the University of Wroclaw then continued her education at the Eugeniusz Geppert Accademy of Art & Design where she obtained her BA in Art Education. She came to Scotland to study Photography at the Edinburgh College of Art. Anna works in different media focusing on the experience of art as a comment on human existence. Influenced by her experiences of cancer, motherhood and immigration she focuses on creativity as a tool for building community & compassion. She co-facilitates Georgian Polyphonic Community Singing and takes a lot of inspiration from togetherness and vibration. As a member of Edinburgh Printmakers she developed a series of screen-prints of imaginary Planets, an extension of her meditations on time and existence, recurring themes in her artistic practice. Film photography, illustration & chocolate sculpture installation are among the various media she had chosen to deal with these subjects.

Her work has been exhibited in individual & group shows in Poland & the UK including “Quality of Everyday Life” (Summerhall, Edinburgh 2013), “Pop Masculinity” (Gayfield Creative Spaces, 2014),”Time is All Around” (Edinburgh Printmakers, 2016), “Colony of Artists” (Abbeyhill, 2016 & 2017), “Great Print Exhibition” (Rheged Centre, Cumbria, 2018 & 2019).

Get in touch if you would like to know more about my artistic & commercial practice. I would love to hear from you.