About Anna York

I am in love with the cosmos, growing forests and desert landscapes. I am moved by the warm colours of the Earth and the softness of driftwood caressed by the wild open sea. I listen.

Meditations on time and existence strongly impact on what I do as an artist. This reflection allows me to reach for simplicity that dignifies the subject and brings to light its timelessness. 

My work on Planets is a reminder of the depth of time, the infinity of space and the beauty of the Universe. It brings out the much needed feelings of compassion and awe.

I studied for a MA degree in Cultural Studies, received BA in Art Education at the Academy of Art & Design in Wroclaw. I also completed an exchange program at the Edinburgh College of Art in Photography. I now live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland where I am a member of Edinburgh Printmakers.

I am interested in creative collaborations and currently working with The Polish Contemporary Art Organisation.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about my artistic & commercial practice.